Ensuring business continuity during challenging times

Lavern Vogel


Tim Buckley: Greg, a person of the thoughts that we’ve been finding from our purchasers is what are we performing all over business continuity? What ways have we taken to make sure that irrespective of how very long the coronavirus goes on regards to how serious it gets that we can carry on to preserve the functions going? And now to our viewers out there, if you seem behind me, what you’re hunting at is a person of our investing flooring. Usually you’d see it densely populated. That doesn’t indicate that persons are not functioning out there when you just see persons, every other desk or every 3rd desk. It signifies that we’ve distanced them adequately, and I should really by the way outlined that you will see a Greg and I are sitting aside listed here. We’re seeking to observe social distancing and every little thing that we

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