COBOL Code Bases Continue to Grow, on Tier 1 Application Tinkering

Lavern Vogel

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Do not go gentle into that great night…

COBOL, the programming language broadly utilized to run Tier 1/mission-crucial applications on mainframe computers – and commonly believed of in some stylish young corners to be a relic of the dark ages – is really in impolite great wellbeing.

Which is according to a new study by Micro Target currently, which finds that right after additional than sixty several years in the manufacturing natural environment, COBOL code bases are – maybe startlingly to some – continuing to increase, as firms modernise applications.

In short, if COBOL had been a human being it would now be holding a Flexibility Pass – but creating additional use of it than quite a few anticipated. (“Do not go gentle into that great night”)

COBOL Apps Typical nine.nine Million Lines… 

The regular COBOL code foundation,now runs to nine.nine million traces, compared to eight.4 million

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Lavern Vogel

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